The Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce holds many events every month.  These not only include membership luncheons and network lunches, after-hours and ribbon cutting ceremonies, but such events as:

  • The Peter Kirk Golf Classic
  • Our Annual Fashion Show
  • The December Annual Awards
  • November Startup Weekend
  • The famous Kirkland Wine Walk
  • The Annual Waterways Cruise around Lake Washington.

But that’s not all!  The Chamber’s Young Professionals hold several awesome events during the summer:

  • The Prom Dance
  • Juanita Beach BBQ
  • Hiking
  • Many other events yet TBD.

These events are advertised through our News section, through our Calendar Listing, on Facebook, Twitter and our Instagram accounts.  And, of course, in our regular member newsletters.

If you would like more information, click or tap our Events List in the sidebar of this page or at the top of the page on your mobile.

For more information please contact Beth or Casey at 425 822-7066.


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