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Ryan James

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Welcome to the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce!

I want to thank the Board for allowing me to serve as President and be a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back but allows friendships to be created within the business community.   I am following the footsteps of some great leaders.  This organization was formed back in the 1930s’ and the individuals who formed this Chamber were motivated and persistent in pursuing a goal of success for Kirkland and beyond.

My personal thanks and sincere appreciation goes to Jessica Beck, our immediate Past President and Former President Scott Becker, for their leadership. As we look back at all we have achieved, we can say 2017 was a year of many successes. In addition congratulations are in order for the Chamber Staff, it is this team that makes this organization the success that it is. I’d also like to thank our sponsors for their support. We are grateful that their contributions allow us to provide excellent programs and growth for our community development.

Over the last year our Chamber has diligently focused on meeting the needs of our members and in 2017 we experienced a wonderful year of growth. This year we will continue our pursuit of providing a broad range of member services and active participation in our community.

I am profoundly grateful to our membership and their involvement in our Chamber and I am looking forward to continued success in 2018 and beyond.

'Your Committee' 'Your Advocate' 'Your Representive'

The Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is:

  • A non-partisan political action committee in Kirkland focusing on promoting the Kirkland Business Community.  Along with our memberships, the Kirkland Business Community works together for the betterment of Business, Community and Lifestyle.
  • Your advocate for new business relations, economic opportunities and sustainable growth.
  • Your representative on public policy, community affairs and small business issues.
  • Your bridge to philanthropy, volunteerism and community involvement.

At the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce our success comes from serving you in the pursuit of your success.

What The Chamber Offers Your Business

As an independent, non-profit organization… of businesses and professional persons and community-spirited individuals, we offer you:

  • An opportunity… to get involved in the growth and development of the Kirkland community.
  • A committee of advocates… for our growing marketplace, for your business.
  • A front office… that can help you, greet new visitors to the area, new residents and business prospects.
  • A unified voice… speaking out – and acting in the best interest of the community.
  • A community conscience… stimulating improvement of the quality of life for all citizens.

Join the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce today. Start your business growth opportunity now! Give us a call at 425 822-7066 or email us from our Contact Page.

Meetings and Networking
  • Business Networking Luncheon

For those of you who find it easier to get away in the middle of the day, check out our newest networking opportunity, The Business Networking Luncheon. This function is held on every first Thursday of the month at rotating restaurants in Kirkland. For more information regarding the Business Networking Luncheon, please contact the chamber office at 425-822-7066.

  • Membership Luncheons

Membership Luncheons are offered on every second Thursday of the month. Members and their guests are able to scroll through upcoming events and book their reservation online.

  • Business After Hours

Meet and mingle with local business people at the monthly chamber Business After Hours. This event is held every third Thursday of the month at different locations. What a fun, lively way to do business while getting to know the host business. For more information on the Business After Hours, please contact the chamber office at 425-822-7066.To register for this and all events start by checking out our Events Calendar page or Events Listing page. Here you can check out an event, book into an event or pay for an event.

If you prefer to pay by check or need any other information, please contact Beth Gale at the Kirkland Chamber office.

Chamber Benefits
  • ‘Business Connections’ ‘Business Support’ ‘Business Marketing’
If you’d browsed through the website you will have noticed that when you join the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce you can benefit from Business Referrals, Business Promotion, Business to Business networking, Business Community Support but also Business Marketing on our website, and through various types of sponsorship.
  • Benefits
We are happy to introduce a new member only benefits platform for the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.  Among the many other chamber benefits, Association Benefits Corporation will now offer its group medical benefits, dental and College Tuition Benefit exclusively to chamber members.  The medical will be a private exchange format and include the ®Multi-Choice option from Affiliated Associations of America.  The dental and College Tuition Benefit is available only from Association Benefits Corporation and provides a competitive edge for employees.  These benefits are only available if you are a member of the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.  Association Benefits Corporation has been developing benefit solutions for chambers for over 35 years and this is our most competitive benefit platform yet.

To learn more about this special offer exclusive to Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce members contact Jason Yeager at or call (425) 742-1440.

  • Seminars
We also run regular seminars such as marketing your business on Facebook, using Google to promote your business, and starting your business from the ground up.

General Information

The community looks to the Kirkland Chamber for reliable information and references about the best it has to offer. We make it a habit to refer people directly to our Chamber members. The endorsement of our organization and the instant credibility that membership provides goes a long way in helping you attract the customers and clients you need to succeed.

  • Business Referrals
As a Kirkland Chamber member your business is referred to visitors and new residents through relocation inquires. People call the Chamber looking for reliable and credible businesses when searching for a company to work with. As a member your brochure or marketing information may be displayed at the Chamber office which serves as Kirkland’s visitor center.

  • Business Promotion
Ads may be purchased that run on this website. Also the Kirkland Works newsletter is a monthly publication which reaches all members and the entire community twice a year with advertising available. Members are included in a printed Business Directory and ads may be purchased there as another means of business promotion.
  • Business to Business Networking
As a Chamber member you have access to all networking opportunities as a way to meet new people and share information about yourself and your business.
  • Business Community Support
Kirkland Chamber member businesses support projects and events through sponsorships which provide the business with promotional tools.


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