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Imaga or Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades owners Terrence and Julianne Santos

Kirkland Chamber of Commerce welcomes Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades as a Member of the Month

At “Da Lemonade Stand”, we embrace community. Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonades are handcrafted with all the farm fresh local produce available to us in Washington and made to order. With over 15 delicious flavors to choose from, we’ve got something refreshing for everyone.

With produce from local farmers, we’re able to create unique and gourmet flavors. We strive to provide uniquely crafted flavors that bring you Hawaiian flavors while featuring Washington’s finest fruits. We have chosen not to pasteurize our drinks, so that you can get the most nutrition and live enzymes possible, from every handcrafted drink.

Our crafting process begins in our commercial kitchen where we prepare the local fruits and produce we’ve gathered. Everything from pureeing strawberries to labeling our bottles and jars, we’ve got a hand in it all. We believe it’s good to know WHERE your food comes from, and it’s even better to know WHO your food comes from. By sourcing our fruits and produce locally, we establish and develop relationships with our growers in the community. We love that some of our produce is a
great way for us to connect the producers of the land with you!

Our Kokua program was born out of our value for community. This program was set up to give a % of our profits to a different cause within our community. Each month we select a new organization or cause that aligns with our core values and shares our passion for the community. Whether it’s a public service organization, like our local Fire Department, or a cause such as the foundations which serve young kids, we are honored to play a role in the health and and well being of the people of our community. It’s our partnership with our community and with our customers that will make our community a prosperous land for future generations.

Terrence and Julianne Santos are excited to bring Wow Wow Lemonade to Farmers Markets and special events in the area. A Kirkland storefront is soon to come with an extended lemonade menu. In addition we’ll be partnering with Sam Choy’s Pokè To The Max serving their top dishes including the ever growing in popularity Ahi Pokè. Handcrafting your lemonade in the Spirit of Aloha!


Terrence and Julianne Santos
Wow Wow Lemonade Kirkland

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