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Membership Benefits

The community looks to the Kirkland Chamber for reliable information and references about the best it has to offer. We make it a habit to refer people directly to our Chamber members. The endorsement of our organization and the instant credibility that membership provides goes a long way in helping you attract the customers and clients you need to succeed. And your business can succeed through the following:

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  • Business Referrals.
  • Business Promotions.
  • Business to Business Networking.
  • New Businesses.
  • Members Only Website Section.
  • Members Events.

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Business Referrals

As a Kirkland Chamber member your business is referred to visitors and new residents through relocation inquires. People call the Chamber looking for reliable and credible businesses when searching for a company to work with. As a member your brochure or marketing information may be displayed at the Chamber office which serves as Kirkland’s visitor center.

Business Promotions

Members are included in a printed Business Directory and are promoted through our Chambermaster directory.

Business to Business Networking

As a Chamber member you have access to all networking opportunities as a way to meet new people and share information about yourself and your business.

New Businesses

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Business Community Support

Kirkland Chamber member businesses support projects and events through sponsorships which provide the business with promotional tools.

To Renew Your Existing Membership

We have new dues so check out Types of Membership first.

After you have decided which membership you are applying, you should log into your member profile in our Members Only Section by pressing the button below. Here you may renew your dues online.

Information for New Members

When filling in the Membership Form online or downloaded, please ensure your information is presented as you would want it listed in our Membership Directory.

Types of Membership

Your membership in the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is an investment in new opportunities and the future of your business. In addition to joining an advocacy and networking group, your involvement with the Chamber can help you achieve you goals and be a lot of fun.

If you would like to join the Chamber, please tap or click our online membership button on this page.

We have several membership options and once joined, please let your employees know that they too can benefit from membership to the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome New Members

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Membership Dues

#Emp $   #Emp $
1-3 $350   4-6 $400
7-10 $450   11-15 $520
16-20 $550   21-30 $675
31-40 $825   41-60 $1,000
61-80 $1,400   81-100 $1,800
100+ $2,000   Non-profit $165


Associate Membership

Individual, non-business or non-profit memberships are available. Please call the chamber office for more information at 425-822-7066.

There is a one-time processing fee of $30.00 to cover administration costs.

Please note:

Membership in the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Dues paid to the chamber though are not a charitable tax deduction for federal income purposes.

The Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is not a charity, but serves as an advocacy organization for our businesses.

If you have any problems with your renewal, don’t hesitate to call the office at 425-822-7066. We do have the ability to renew your membership over the phone if you prefer.

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