Medicare Annual Election Period Is NOW

October 15 until December 7, 2017

It is the time of year when:

If you are not currently enrolled in either a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) you can enroll, and you cannot be declined.

If you are already enrolled in a plan you can switch to a different plan or company. 

Please note with Medicare Advantage (Part C) there are no restrictions regarding per-existing conditions.

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By: JR Gillespie
October 17, 2019  Updated 4:08 PM PST

KIRKLAND-WA–Medicare is Medical Insurance for people age 65 and above and certain people who have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for longer than 2 years.

If you are happy with your current plan (unless you’ve received specific notification from your Insurance Company) there is nothing for you to do, your coverage will automatically renew.

However, if you have not looked at your existing plan already, I encourage you to review your Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC).  Every year plans make many changes and it is important that you are aware of these changes. No one likes to be surprised.

Did you know that in 2020 there will be plans that cover Massage, Acupuncture, Naturopaths and Chiropractic?  Or plans with $0 PCP copays, transportation benefits, offer Over-the-Counter Items, and Silver Sneakers.

There are also changes to Doctor networks, and Drug formularies, so it is important that you take a few minutes to review these changes.

Every year I am required to go through considerable training and re-certification to explain these plan changes, and I’ve been helping people since 1993. I have the expertise to answer your questions.

If you have friends, relatives or neighbors that have questions regarding their Medicare Benefits please share my name with them and ask them to give me a call.  I will be happy to help.

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