Kurt Triplett, the City of Kirkland City Manager will speak at the June 11 Virtual Business Luncheon from 12:00 PM to 1:15 PM. This event is brought to you by the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.


  • COVID-19
  • Immediate impacts to the city budget and services
  • How the timing of this, coupled with the loss of the annexation tax credit, has left the city in a budget bind
  • Any policies or help that the city will be offering to the business community for recovery (a great time to plug the Startup 425 efforts too)
  • What people need to do to prepare to reopen their businesses
  • Long-term city impact



Kurt Triplett was hired in June of 2010 as Kirkland’s fourth City Manager. As City Manager, Mr. Triplett administers and manages the City according to the mission, policies and budget adopted by the City Council.  Mr. Triplett oversees the operation of 12 departments, over 600 employees, and a $751 million biennial budget.

Mr. Triplett is committed to keeping Kirkland exceptional and maintaining the quality of life residents enjoy.  His top priorities are outlined in the City Work Program, which is adopted by the City Council every two years.  The Council has charged Mr. Triplett to have a strong focus on jobs and economic development and keeping Kirkland safe, green, livable and walkable.  He spearheaded the purchase of the Cross Kirkland Corridor and champions developing the Corridor into an economic engine and a national example of multi-modal transportation and sustainability.

Mr. Triplett is past chair and serves on the Board for A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH). He is also currently chair of the Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency (EPSCA) as well as a joint board member for the Puget Sound Emergency Radio Network (PSERN).  Both agencies provide emergency radio support for Police and Fire Services.  Mr. Triplett was awarded the 2016 “Award for Excellence” by the Washington City/County Management Association (WCMA).

Prior to Kirkland, Mr. Triplett worked for King County for 17 years, including serving as the Interim County Executive in 2009, Chief of Staff to Executive Ron Sims, Deputy Director of Natural Resources and Parks, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Executive Sims and former Executive Gary Locke.

Mr. Triplett has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (2003) and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Stanford University (1989).


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