The Kirkland Investor Sharks is an event hosted by the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce and the Kirkland Performance Center and takes place in November.

This is not just an event for new business. It’s an event where the whole community gets involved. This is a great opportunity for members to sponsor the event, help market the event, and support new businesses in the Greater Kirkland area. Call the office at 425 822-7066 and ask how. The Chamber would love to hear from you.

Kirkland Investor Sharks and What It’s About

The purpose of the event is to help startup businesses from around the Greater Seattle and Eastside region gain exposure and compete for funding provided by a panel of investors. We anticipate this will become an annual event held each fall.

Our target companies are those that are looking for seed and Series A rounds of funding. We have not identified a specific industry or niche, because we would like to attract a wide range of companies.

The culling process will be performed by our investors to ensure viable companies with enthusiasm for pitching to the investment panel.

We are currently seeking sponsors to help with costs associated with making this event possible for the community. There are a number of levels to choose from, and sponsoring this event will showcase your commitment to supporting innovation and business growth in the Greater Seattle and Eastside area.

A strong panel of investors also is needed to ensure the success of the event. We are looking for investors that can help shape the event, be involved in the vetting process, as well as participate on the day of the event. The organizing team will look to the investors for direction on the companies that are selected to participate.

Visit the Kirkland Investor Shark Website. We are planning this years event and would love to hear from you.

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