Types of Membership

Your membership in the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is an investment in new opportunities and the future of your business. In addition to joining an advocacy and networking group, your involvement with the Chamber can help you achieve you goals and be a lot of fun.

If you would like to join the Chamber, please tap or click our online membership button below.

We have several membership options and once joined, please let your employees know that they too can benefit from membership to the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.

#Emp $ #Emp $
1-3 $325 4-6 $385
7-10 $425 11-15 $520
16-20 $550 21-30 $675
31-40 $825 41-60 $1,000
61-80 $1,400 81-100 $1,800
100+ $2,000 Non-profit $165

Associate Membership: Individual, non-business or non-profit memberships are available. Please call the chamber office for more information at 425-822-7066.

There is a one-time processing fee of $30.00 to cover administration costs.

Please note:

Membership in the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Dues paid to the chamber though are not a charitable tax deduction for federal income purposes.

The Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is not a charity, but serves as an advocacy organization for our businesses.

More Membership Deals

  A listing on the Chamber website with a link to your own website or e-mail address
  A mention in the monthly newsletter and a plaque that shows customers you help support the community
  Introduction at the Chamber membership luncheon and other events
  Terrific networking opportunities each month at different times and locations. (Unlike other business groups you are not fined for missing a function!)
  Connect with other members, pay for events, dues and sponsorships, Member to Member deals, news releases, and promote your functions directly with other members through our member-only Chambermaster e-platform. Oh and did we say, "Have a boatload of fun?"

2016 Annual Dues by Number of Employees

Associate* Call
Non Profit $165
  1-3 $325
  4-6 $385
  7-10 $425
  11-15 $520
  16-20 $550
  21-30 $675
  31-40 $825
  41-60 $1,000
  61-80 $1,400
  81-100 $1,800
  100+ $2,000
  *Associate applies to individual or non-business memberships.
  There is a one-time $30 application processing fee when you first join.


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