Social Sharing with Communities

The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is introducing a new way to share and cross-promote your business and Kirkland itself.

Communities is a one-of-a-kind solution for social sharing and collaboration between organizations. This FREE software as a service will help local businesses get the most out of social media. Communities will help promote your business to the public and other businesses. Communities cuts out the chaff from the multitudes of social media accounts businesses monitor daily, placing all the community news in one place.

Communities software will help us promote your social media by putting all of our member’s social media in one place. This makes it easier for us to find, follow, and share your content on various platforms.

Q: Will this give you access to my social media?

A: No, this only lets the Chamber see what you post publicly, nothing behind the curtains. You are the only one who can post on behalf of your company and share on your social pages.

Q: I have multiple locations, how do I connect?

A: You can connect as many business social accounts as you’d like. You’ll need to submit a form for each location that manages its own social media.

Q: Why do I connect to Facebook when I want to connect Instagram?

A: Meta, the parent company of Facebook owns Instagram.

Q: Can I connect any personal social accounts?

A: Yes, you can connect your personal LinkedIn profile and Twitter.

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