Letter to Washington State Legislators to Expand Funding for Early Childhood Education (ECEAP)


The Kirkland Promise Committee urges the public to write to our Washington State legislators to expand funding for the Early Childhood Education Assistance Program (ECEAP). Every parent in Washington State should be aware of the following.  And for those of you who are a parent but are still still on the fence you should know that our state’s pre-k program serves only 9.3% of 4-year-olds, compared to 29% national average.  NIEER says we’re #32 in the nation.

There are several ways to contact our legislators: to write a letter to them; to go to their online contact form under their name and send them an email message.  We have provided both options below with instructions.

  • Go To -> Washington State Education Committee.  The address for each member is at the top of the page.
  • Or write to you district representative.  Visit District Finder, fill in your address and up will pop both legislative and congressional representatives.
  • Click on their name and you will be taken to their information including address or an option to email them.
  • If you wish to write a letter please click here.  We have a PDF letter available for you to copy.
  • If you wish to email them click here for our email version of the PDF letter above as there is a limit on how many words you can use.

Thank You for caring about our children.