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A. Duane Lund Recipients

1985 Evie Florian

1986 Bob Myres

1987 Bill Woods

1988 Sandy McAdams

1990 Charlie Wittenberg

1991 Ed Weise

1992 Bill Leverett

1993 Anne J. Owen

1994 Donovan Tracy

1995 Craig Ortloff/Dick Beazell

1996 Myron Lewis

1997 G.G. Getz

1998 Linda Holman/Teddy Overleese

1999 Cordell Almond

2000 Scott Becker

2001 Shelly Valentine

2002 Ben Lindekugel

2003 Brenda Kauffman

2004 Chris Martin

2005 Mike Nelson

2006 Mark Shinstrom

2007 Patti Smith

2008 Susan Stearns

2009 Doug Davis

2010 Shirley Day

2011 Jim Hutchinson

2012 Kristen Gonzales

2013 Jeff Cole

2014 Jeff Hoerth

Anne J. Owen

Community Service Award


The award honors a Chamber member who has performed special community service over an extended period of time and whose on-going volunteer efforts have made a significant impact on Kirkland and perhaps beyond.

It is presented to a member who has contributed significantly above and beyond what is normally called for in connection with community service.

This person should exhibit the character traits and skills of a leader, fostering good will and loyalty to the Chamber. Anyone who has been a Chamber member for two or more years, is a member in good standing, and meets the criteria is eligible.



  • Activity in the community including and beyond the Chamber – generally more than one activity venue
  • Sustained involvement
  • Respect and visibility in the Community.

The online Nomination Form will be available in November.