Educate and Leadership

The Kirkland Chamber Foundation


a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization

01. Lifespan Education – Pre-K to Retirement

Providing support for pre-K through to senior re-training programs.

02. Two-Way Mentorship

For students and seasoned professionals (an exchange of different skill sets)

03. Scholarships for Students

Students who are hoping to enter business and entrepreneur tracks.

04. Disaster Relief for Small Businesses

We have successfully completed one tranche of $250,000 for local business.

Samantha St John, CEO, Kirkland Chamber Foundation

In April 2020, the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce held a mini auction. During the auction the Chamber held a “Raise the Paddle” event. This event raised funds for the newly formed Kirkland Chamber Foundation. In this video below, Samantha outlines the purpose and expectations of this newly founded Education Foundation.

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