The Ambassadors

Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce


by Ryan James, President, Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, 2018

The primary mission of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassadors program is the retention of existing Kirkland Chamber Members, enlistment of new members, and to serve as goodwill representatives of the chamber at a variety of functions. This energetic group helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce and its purpose.

Ambassadors attend Chamber events and serve as greeters at Chamber functions such as monthly Business After Hours, Luncheons, Ribbon Cuttings and Grand Openings as well as other Chamber activities. Ambassadors are the first contact that new members have upon joining the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce.




Kerry Read Ph.D.

Kerry Read works with RedCloud Consulting, a boutique Management Consulting firm in Bellevue, WA.. She provides Market Research and analytical support to major high-tech companies. She has a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and writes a financial life planning blog called Financial Planning for Geeks.

Her vision for the Ambassadors is to have a thriving, engaged committee in which everyone is having fun, deepening relationships, and also delivering on our mission to support and retain our members.

So join us; fill out the form below and get closer to some really cool people who can also help you in your business!

Troy Thiel

Troy is excited to team with Kerry to lead the “Fun and Always Interesting” Ambassador volunteers in their goals to help the Chamber achieve its Mission and make our Chamber the best it can be!

With over 25 years of experience as a leader in the Real Estate Industry as a Sales Consultant, CEO and active participant in Industry organizations, Troy knows what it takes to help the Thiel Team’s clients reach their Real Estate Goals!  They serve Individuals, Families, Investors, Builders and Developers and LOVE what they do!

Troy is a leader in the community in many areas including; The Chamber, The Kirkland Downtown Association, Seattle King County Government Affairs (Real Estate), Washington State Legislature (Housing Solutions), Economic Development, Affordable and Appropriate Housing Development, Sustainability, Business Organizations, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy and more!

You can find Troy at The Thiel Team, by emailing Troy, or phone 425-941-8457.

Brenda Kauffman

Brenda is the Membership Director for Columbia Athletic Club at Juanita Bay.  She has been an active member of the Chamber since 1989. Her awards include: Friend of Kirkland (1999); Chamber Member of the Year (2003); Community Service (2016) and is active in the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland. Columbia Athletic Club Juanita Bay was the recipient of the chamber’s Charles O.Morgan Business Excellence Award 2017.

Mary Maas

As Club President for CEO Space International, Mary is passionate about guiding other entrepreneurs to reach their goals and achieve their dreams years sooner. CEO Space also offers a Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) for teens to learn skills of entrepreneurship that aren’t even taught in IVY league schools.  Mary is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland. Ask Mary about on-line distribution of her state-of-the-art health and wellness products. Reach her at 425-941-0218, or at

Craig Gaudry

Craig Gaudry is a licensed real estate broker with more than 25 years of experience in the real estate business and is ranked in the Top 1% of Real Estate Agents on a National level. Craig has a home in the Houghton neighborhood of Kirkland where he and his family relax and enjoy their time together.

Will Wright

William is a Franchise Broker and owner of the Franchise Broker Team of Professionals. His passion for learning about people and helping them achieve their goals led him into this career path.

As a Franchise Broker he works with individuals and groups who are looking to start their own business and connects them with franchise concepts that fit their goals, values, investment range, and desired lifestyle. Once engaged with a franchise concept he continues to assist his clients in evaluation, validation, and guidance, as a neutral voice during the entire process.  For existing businesses, he is able to help owners explore whether franchising would work for them. If it is, he can help develop that business into a franchise.

Being part of the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce has been really rewarding for Will; he loves meeting new people and business owners and connecting them with others who can help them grow.

“It is rewarding to be a part of something that is so involved in the health and growth of the Kirkland community.”

Heather Caterson

Heather is a team member at Vive Digital, a local, full-service digital marketing agency proudly serving the Greater Eastside.  The Vive Digital team has 15 years of experience in building beautiful, custom websites and running digital marketing campaigns to help businesses reach more customers and grow their business.

JR Gillespie

JR is owner of ALLSTAR Financial Insurance (AFI) which has been providing quality service though the Puget Sound Region since 1993, offering insurance and financial products aimed at protecting your health.

AllSTAR offers a complete array of Medical and Dental Insurance products. It provides Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans. It also offers expert advice to help you to choose the plan that is best for you. AFI also helps you to select the Life and / or Long Term Care insurance policy that will fit your budget and protect your family.

ALLSTAR Financial Insurance is committed to its promise of providing excellent service. Your satisfaction is its primary goal. Life can be a challenge at times, so they ask that you let AFI simplify your insurance buying decisions.

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