Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce


East King County Chambers Coalition

Meetings: The last Thursday of every month. Various locations.

Advocacy and Legislation

by Doug Davis, Chairperson

Our committee’s focus is, as a bipartisan unit, to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation on behalf of our business members and our community.

We meet with our legislators, share our views on an issue, and ask them to support us.

The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Advocacy and Legislature committee is a member of the East King County Chambers of Commerce Legislative Coalition.  It advocates for critical business legislation for the Eastside of Seattle.

The Coalition brings together ten chambers of commerce representing the Eastside business community and enables these chambers to speak with a unified voice on legislative issues. The Coalition develops a variety of annual publications and brings lawmakers and business leaders together through events and activities.

image of ryan james, incoming chamber president

Meetings: The last Thursday of every month. Various locations.

Economic Policy

by Ryan James, Chairperson

Vision Statement:

The vision of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Economic Policy Committee is to gather and provide intellectual information about the emerging trends, innovations and forecasts that will impact consumers, business and society in the future. To better prepare leaders to direct change and shape the future.

Committee Members:

Doug Davis – Hallmark Realty
Walt Krueger – Krueger Beck Law PLLC
Beth Gale – Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Scott Becker – Past President, Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Amy Mutal – President, Prevail Wealth Management

Meetings: The first Monday of every month at midday. Areté Conference Room.

Kirkland Promise & Education Committee

by Walt Krueger, Chairperson

The purpose of the Kirkland Promise Committee is to improve our educational system with the goal of increasing the number of children from Kirkland and from Lake Washington School District to experience success without being penalized by large student loan debts. In order succeed we need to focus on children from birth, through elementary, middle school, high school and onto college.

How We Got Started

Committee Members:

Samantha St John, CEO, Kirkland Chamber
Stephanie Dickson, Chocolate Moons Web Multimedia, Kirkland
Doug Davis, Hallmark Realty, Kirkland
Elisabeth Sorensen,  LWTech Foundation, Kirkland

Other Committees

Meet: The last Thursday of every month.

Kirkland Chamber Ambassadors

by Kerry Read, Ph.D. Troy Thiel, Chairs

Vision Statement: The primary mission of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce’s Ambassadors program is the retention of existing Kirkland Chamber Members, enlistment of new members, and to serve as goodwill representatives of the Chamber at a variety of functions. This energetic group helps maintain contact with other Chamber members while promoting the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce and its purpose.

Check out our Ambassador page and join our Ambassador group now.


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