The Chamber’s Award Nomination will take place during October.

Nominations will need to be submitted by Thursday, October 31, 2019.

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at the Woodmark Hotel.


Every year the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce celebrates 4 individuals and a company who have committed to the chamber, to our community and to the city. These special annual awards will be presented at the Chamber’s 84th Annual Awards Presentation at the December Membership Luncheon. Your help is needed to make sure the awards go to the most deserving recipients.

Please look over the award descriptions, take note of the previous awards recipients, and then take a moment to nominate your choice.

The Nominations Luncheon Awards Ceremony takes place at The Woodmark Hotel on December 12, 2019.

Application Process

To nominate a candidate for either award, submit a completed nomination form along with a narrative summary outlining the nominee’s accomplishments, using the criteria attached to each form as a guideline. This information can include a list specifying the office served or activity performed and the dates involved. Copies of letters, faxes, e-mails, citations, newspaper articles, and board reports/minutes may serve as documentation.

You may either submit your form by downloading a hard copy of the NOMINATION FORM and faxing or mailing it to the Chamber office, or use our online forms linked below. If you prefer, you can email your citation including all the requested information from our nomination forms to the office.

Application Closing Date

Nominations must be received online, by fax or mail no later than Thursday, October 31, 2019. For more information contact Jen at the Chamber office, 425-822-7066.

A. Duane Lund Award

Previous A. Duane Lund Recipients

1985 Evie Florian : 1986 Bob Myres : 1987 Bill Woods : 1988 Sandy McAdams : 1990 Charlie Wittenberg :
1991 Ed Weise : 1992 Bill Leverett : 1993 Anne J. Owen : 1994 Donovan Tracy : 1995 Craig Ortloff/Dick Beazell : 1996 Myron Lewis : 1997 G.G. Getz : 1998 Linda Holman/Teddy Overleese : 1999 Cordell Almond : 2000 Scott Becker : 2001 Shelly Valentine : 2002 Ben Lindekugel : 2003 Brenda Kauffman : 2004 Chris Martin : 2005 Mike Nelson : 2006 Mark Shinstrom : 2007 Patti Smith : 2008 Susan Stearns : 2009 Doug Davis : 2010 Shirley Day : 2011 Jim Hutchinson : 2012 Kristen Gonzales : 2013 Jeff Cole : 2014 Jeff Hoerth : 2015 Troy Longwith : 2016 Ryan James : 2017 Kevin Hansen

This Chamber Member of the Year Award is named in memory of A. Duane Lund, a highly regarded local attorney who served as President of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.  Duane epitomized Chamber involvement and commitment to his community.  He served on the Board of Directors and was Board President in 1993 and it is said that the older he got the more he realized he could give to the community.

The award honors a Chamber member who has performed special service over an extended period of time. It is presented to a member who has contributed significantly above and beyond what is normally called for in connection with Chamber volunteer service.The nominee’s commitment of resources, including time, talent and/or finances to the advancement of the Chamber and business should be exemplary.

This person should exhibit the character traits and skills of a leader and promote the principles of professional idealism, fostering good will and loyalty toward the Chamber.

Anyone who has been a Chamber member for two or more years, is a member in good standing, and meets the criteria is eligible. This award is presented to the Chamber member who has displayed outstanding contribution to the Chamber in the past year.


  • Activity in the Chamber.
  • Sustained involvement or significant new initiatives.
  • Operates with the best interests of the Chamber in mind.

Read the APPLICATION PROCESS above before voting.

Charles O. Morgan Business Excellence Award

Previous Charles O Morgan Business Excellence Recipients

2001 Shinstrom & Norman Insurance : 2002 Sur La Table : 2003 The Woodmark Hotel : 2004 The Seattle Seahawks : 2005 Hallmark Realty Corporation : 2006 The Kirkland Performance Center : 2007 InPrint (ZingHQ) : 2008 Associated Earth Sciences : 2009 Aegis Living : 2010 Livengood Fitzgerald Alskog : 2011 Kirkland Parkplace-Touchstone Development Corp. : 2012 Argosy Cruises : 2013 The Heathman Hotel : 2014 Google : 2015 Ford of Kirkland : 2016 Nytec : 2017 Columbia Athletic Club

PREVIOUS AWARD RECIPIENTS (under different award names)

Excellence in Growth Award 1998-Sandy’s Design and Remodeling, Inc. : 1999-Kirkland Bank of Commerce : 2000-Hersman Serles, P.S. : Deep-Rooted Excellence Award 1998-Lee Johnson Chevrolet/Mazda : 1999-Kirkland Hardware True Value Parametrix, Inc. : 2000-Betty’s Apparel, Inc. Blooming Excellence Award 1998-Woods Lakeshore Pharmacy : 1999-Evergreen Community Health Care : 2000-The Grape Choice

A few years ago we lost our good friend Chuck Morgan. He was one of Kirkland’s patriarchs, having served as the Chamber’s Board Chair both in 1953 and 1965. Chuck’s professional background was in journalism. He was the long-time publisher of what became the Eastside Journal, the first newspaper on the Eastside. With many of us he helped with the founding of the Kirkland Performance Center, Evergreen Hospital and Cascadia Community College. There is very little about the Eastside that Chuck has not played a significant role in. He is often called “Mr. Kirkland.”

Created in 2001 and replacing the previous three Business Excellence Awards (Excellence in Growth; Deep Rooted Excellence and Blooming Excellence), the Charles O. Morgan Business Excellence award is presented by the Peter Kirk Club to the Kirkland Business that reflects the following criteria:

Business Citizenship
Broad involvement.
Has given back to the community over time.
Takes Care or has taken care of employees.
Proven Leadership
Personal accomplishments.
Accomplishments in industry.
Accomplishments in community.
Quality of Life
Contributes to the community.
Contributes to business.

Read the APPLICATION PROCESS above before voting.

Previous Recipient: 2017 Ryan James

Merrily Dicks Community Arts and Culture Award

Merrily Dicks is, and has always been, the embodiment of what it means to be an advocate for the arts, culture, and heritage in our community. She has worked tirelessly to promote art in all its many forms for community members of all ages. Her involvement in the formation of the Creative Arts League (now called Kirkland Arts Center), the Heritage Society, Summerfest, and the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission has helped to make Kirkland the thriving, beautifully scenic city we all love. Merrily Dicks is a vital part of Kirkland’s arts community and we are honored to name this Arts Award after her, and to recognize those in the community who share in Merrily’s creative drive and vision.


Cultivates a personal responsibility for community intellectual growth
Contributes in positive ways to the community
Engages with the community and demonstrating a strong sense of purpose
Demonstrates outstanding achievement as an artistic leader
Leads others towards excellence in the performing, visual or literary arts
Contributed investment is considered to be ongoing, long-term and committed

Read the APPLICATION PROCESS above before voting.

Anne J. Owen Community Service Award

Previous Anne J. Owen Community Service Recipients

1985 Santos Contreras : 1986 Chuck Morgan : 1987 Bob Lightfeldt : 1988 Ron Richardson : 1990 Heritage Auto : 1991 Bill Petter : 1992 Dick and Sandy Ekins : 1993 Dr. Claude DeShazo : 1994 Rod Graham : 1995 Bill Woods : 1996 Larry Springer : 1997 Jim Lauinger : 1998 Sue Contreras : 1999 Lee Johnson : 2000 Penny Sweet : 2001 Raelissa Smith : 2002 David and Patty Tucker : 2003 Jeff Clark : 2004 Bob Burke : 2005 Joanne Primavera : 2006 Mary-Alyce Burleigh : 2007 Steve Brown : 2008 Marc Nowak : 2009 Brenda Nunes : 2010 Kathy Page Feek : 2011 Bonnie McLeod : 2012 Rebecca Willow & Mary Harris : 2013 Doug Davis : 2014 Scott Becker : 2015 Walt Krueger : 2016 Brenda Kauffman : 2017 Claire Bruining

This award is named in memory of Anne J. Owen, a past Board member and outstanding community member. Anne was a tireless organizer and resolute worker for Custom Industries. She served on the Board of the Kirkland Arts Center for 10 years overseeing the preservation and maintenance of the building that has become a local landmark and home of the Kirkland Arts Center, the Peter Kirk Building. She was also synonymous with the Parkplace Festival. The award honors a Chamber member, who like its namesake, performs special community service over an extended period of time and whose on-going volunteer efforts have made a significant impact on Kirkland and perhaps beyond. It is presented to a member who has contributed significantly above and beyond what is normally called for in connection with community service. This person should exhibit the character traits and skills of a leader, fostering good will and loyalty to the Chamber. Anyone who has been a Chamber member for two or more years, is a member in good standing, and meets the criteria is eligible.

Activity in the community including and beyond the Chamber – generally more than one activity venue.
Sustained involvement.
Respect and visibility in the Community.

Read the APPLICATION PROCESS above before voting.

William C. Woods Above and Beyond Award

Previous Bill Woods Award Recipients

Michelle Sailor : Karen Story : Sue Contreras : Glenn Peterson : Kathy Feek : Penny Sweet : 2017 Laurene Burton

The William C. Woods Above and Beyond Award is named in honor of Bill Woods, a long-time Kirkland community leader. Bill is known for his quiet, unassuming and dignified manner. He has demonstrated his long-time love and commitment toward the community through his generosity of time.

Bill Woods was board president of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce twice and also was instrumental in the development of the Kirkland Downtown Association. He also served as president of the Kirkland Jaycees, Kirkland Rotary Club and the Washington State Pharmacy Association. He has been the consummate volunteer for various community organizations and made his mark with his involvement in the creation of the Kirkland Performance Center and was a vital member of the Kirkland City Council and served the city as mayor from 1966-1974.

To nominate your candidate, submit the completed nomination/application form along with a narrative summary outlining the nominee’s accomplishments.

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