Post Secondary

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College Bound?

Here are some resources:

  • Washington Student Achievement Council
  • Washington State PTA
    • The Washington State PTA awards a limited number of scholarships to graduates from  Washington State public high schools beginning their freshman year of post-secondary education in the United States.
  • Washington State Scholarship Foundation
    • Scholarships are awarded to recipients who will attend accredited schools in one of the following: four year colleges or universities; two year community colleges; vocational technical schools or trade schools
    • The criteria for a scholarship grant: Is based on financial need; must be first-time entering freshman; completion of high school education within Washington State; public high school diploma; private high school diploma and a GED issued within Washington State.
  • School Soup
    • is considered the authority on college/university scholarships and has listed over $40 Billion in available scholarships.
  • Best Value Schools
    • This website includes 25 of the great scholarships that have been established to help encourage high school graduates to further their education by reducing the financial burden.
  • Washboard
    • Scholarship Matches: this website matches Washington students of all types with Washington scholarship providers….for FREE.
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